Breathless by Nick Cave

Below we have answered some of the questions that we have been asked the most often. If we haven't mentioned something that you are desperate to know it, feel free to contact us or leave your question as a comment below.


Q. Why did the invitation say "Karl Winstanley" but this site says "Walton"?

A. When we sent out the invitations, Karl's surname was Winstanley. He then changed it to his dads name - Walton. He'd wanted to do this for a while, and we realised that we'd have to do it before the wedding so that we could be The Waltons, rather than us both having to change our names after the wedding. Sorry for any confusion, but when we get married we will be Mr and Mrs Walton.

Q. The invitation says 4 o'clock - Is this the time I should arrive or the time the wedding starts?

A. 4 o'clock is the time that the wedding will start - in other words, if all goes to plan, Kayleigh will walk down the aisle at 4pm. We would be really grateful if you could arrive between 3.15 and 3.30. This should give everyone enough time to say hello, admire eachothers hats and find a seat. Kayleigh says that if anyone is late and ruins her big entrance, she will throw a massive bridezilla strop and they won't get any dinner! (She's joking. Probably.)

Q. Should I bring confetti?

A. Yes please! We would love to be showered in confetti as we walk back up the aisle, so we would be very happy if you brought some along. The venue asks that you only use biodegradebale confetti, so please make sure you check the packagaing before buying any.


Q. Is there a dress code?

A. Not particularly. Obviously we hope that you would consider this an occassion worth dressing smartly for, but mostly we just want you to be comfortable. As long as you don't wear a long, flowing, white dress, it's ok with us! The only thing you need to think about is the weather - the ceremony will take place outside, unless it is pouring down with rain. Depending on the weather, this might mean that you need a jacket or shawl, or (hopefully) sun tan lotion and shades!

Q. Which side should I sit on for the ceremony?

A. Don't choose a side, just choose a seat - we're all about unity and mingling! We're not doing the whole "groom's side, bride's side" thing so you can sit wherever you like. Please leave the front row of seats clear for our wedding party, who will be the last people to be seated.

 Q. Do I have to RSVP?

A. Yes. It's the only way we will know for sure if you are coming to the wedding or not! Even if you have told us in person that you will be there, or assume that we know you're coming, we still need you to officially RSVP just to make sure. It is also the only way to choose your meal - so if you don't RSVP, not only will there be no room for you, there won't be any food! We have tried to make it as quick and easy as possible by using the online RSVP option - so you have no excuse not to do it! To make life easier for us, please RSVP by 1st June at the latest as we need to give final numbers and menu choices to the venue. After this date, we will assume that you're not coming!

Q. Can I bring my boyfriend/girlfriend/friend to the wedding?

A. Unfortunatley, if their name wasn't on the invitation then we just don't have enough room for them! As much as we would like everyone at our wedding, we are limited by the number of guests that the venue can hold and of course, by how many we can afford! We have tried to invite the people closest and most important to us and hope that you understand that we can't invite everyone. If you think we have missed someone off the invitation by mistake (e.g. We've invited one of your kids but not the other) then we're so sorry! Please let us know so we can fix it.

 Q. I'm not sure how to get to the wedding, where is it?

A. Click here to go to the Transport & Travel page and get driving directions or advice on public transport. Another option is to go to the Lift Sharing page and see if anyone has offered a spare seat in their car. Don't forget that you will also need to sort out a way of getting home or to your hotel - you should check with the person offering you a lift or book a taxi. As Pryors Hayes is sort of in the middle of nowhere, getting there by public transport would be very difficult. If you decide to get the bus or train, you may find that you need a taxi to take you from the nearest station to the wedding.

Q. What if it rains?

A. As much as we keep telling ourselves that it won't rain, we have to be realistic and accept that since we live in England, there is a relatively big chance that it will. Fortunately, Pryors Hayes is also licensed to hold wedding ceremonies inside the marquee, so if it's too wet we will move everything inside. However- we would much prefer to get married outdoors on a beautiful, sunny day, so please send positive, non raining energy and keep an eye on the weather bar at the bottom of the home page. 

 Q. Do  my kids have to have the Children's Menu?

A. Not at all! If your children would rather choose their meal from the main menu then that is absolutely fine - we can provode a half portion of any of the main meals for children under 12. The Children's Menu is just there to offer an alternative choice of meal for either very young children or those who would prefer a simpler meal.

 Q. Can I choose a starter from the Main menu and then the main course from the Children's menu?

A. To keep things as simple as possible, we would prefer if you stick to one menu - i.e if your child wants to have the Children's menu then this means all 3 courses from the Children's menu. This will just make things alot easier for the chefs and serving staff as getting the correct meals to so many people is hard enough as it is! If this is going to be a huge problem then get in touch with us and I'm sure we will be able to sort something out for you.

Q. Do I have to get you a present?

A. Yes. Only joking! Obviously we will be incredibly grateful for any gifts we receive, but we would still appreciate your presence more than your presents (see what we did there?).

 Q. Can I stay at Pryors Hayes overnight?

A. Unfortunately, Pyrors Hayes does not have any bedrooms - we have listed the closest hotels on the Accommodation page should you wish to book a room for the night. Click here to see them. 

Q. What time will the reception finish/what time should I book a taxi for?

A. Well, the music is due to finish at midnight, when we will have a last dance, so if you want to stay until the end of the party, that would be the time to say goodbye. However, we wouldn't be at all offended if you decide that you want to leave earlier. The bar will be open for a little longer, so people can stay for another drink while they say goodbye or wait for taxis if they want to.


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