The Wedding Party

You can use this page to find out who's who in the wedding party!

Wouldn't It Be Nice by The Beach Boys

Best Man
He's the man, and he's the best...

David Grayson
David GraysonKayleigh's big brother will be Karl's Best Man. He is being trusted with the daunting task of making sure the groom doesn't do a runner before the ceremony!

The lovely ladies who will be looking after the Bride...

Kimmi Grayson
Kimmi GraysonKayleigh's older sister Kimmi, 26, is co-chief bridesmaid and so in charge of making sure nothing goes wrong!
Kat Grayson
Kat GraysonKayleigh's younger sister Kat, 21 is co-chief bridesmaid. She is also getting married in October to the lovely Rob!
Kara Grayson
Kara GraysonKayleigh's youngest sister Kara, 14, is also a bridesmaid. Don't tell the others, but she'll be the cutest!
Christine Davies
Christine DaviesKayleigh's friend Christine, 24, is also a bridesmaid. They have known eachother since they were 11 years old and met at Hartford High School!

The Parents
Not losing a son/daughter, but gaining a daughter/son (delete as appropriate)...

Steven Grayson
Steven GraysonFather of the Bride - will be walking Kayleigh down the aisle
Donna Grayson
Donna GraysonMother of the Bride - will probably be the first to cry!
Glyn Walton
Glyn WaltonFather of the Groom - will definitely NOT be taking the groom to watch a football match during the reception (I hope you're listening, Glyn!)
Donna Walton
Donna WaltonMother of the Groom - Karl's step mum will hopefully be keeping an eye on Glyn for me, too!

The people who will do a reading during the ceremony...

Kimmi Grayson
Kimmi Grayson Kayleigh's big sister and co-chief bridesmaid will perform the second reading during the ceremony.
Sam Gillett
Sam GillettSam & Kayleigh have been friends since they were 11 and sat next to each other on the first day of high school - all thanks to alphabetical seating!

Making sure it's all legal and above board...

Danielle Cheetham
Danielle CheethamOne of our best friends: Kayleigh has known Danielle since they were 11.
Mark Stott
Mark StottAnother close friend of both of us, Mark is also Kayleigh's hairdresser for the wedding day!