Timetable Of Day

6.00am: Kayleigh wakes up

8.00am: Operation "Make Me Pretty" begins

12.30pm: Karl wakes up

3.00pm: Karl arrives at Pryors Hayes

3.15pm: Guests start to arrive for ceremony

3.50pm: Kayleigh arrives at Pryors Hayes

4.00pm: Ceremony begins

4.30pm: Group photos

4.45pm: Drinks recpetion

5.45pm: Bouquet toss

6.00pm: Sit down for meal

7.30pm: Speeches and toasts

8.00pm: Evening guests arrive

8.10pm: First dance

8.13pm: Everyone on the dance floor!

10.30pm: Late night snacks served

11.45am: Last orders at the bar

12.00am: Last dance and bar closes

12.10am: Off to bed!